Monday, January 19, 2009

Helloooooo. . .long time no post. Busy busy month! I plan to update with all my projects I completed over Christmas and some scrapbook pages and photog. things I got done. I really do. Just not today. =D Today is MLK day and the kiddos are home from school and have had some fun playing in our abundance of snow outside. We are going to play some games and a few wii games too and then craft together. Little fart is takin' a nap, so now is the time!
I just did a maternity session yesterday and had so much fun taking pics of her precious belly! My friend is due with her little one in the next few weeks. I miss being pregnant. It is such a special time. I loved every moment. I complained now and then, but deep down - I love having life grow inside me and all the feelings that come with that miraculous event. I will be posting pics with her permission very soon to my Studio Acorn blog and my flickr, so stay tuned! Haha.
So today, I have cleaned my house and completely wasted my time by recording myself singing one of my faves on my computer. I recently discovered how to do this and there is no stopping me now! I've always thought it would be fun to sing back up in a jazz lounge. Haha! I love jazz, as I've said before - it is zoloft for the soul! Lol.
Anyhoo. . .I am going to be updating my blog banner bcause it is loooong overdue, and I am working on some resolutions for the New Year. I am all for setting goals for the year and I completed a few of mine last year. It really helps me to have something to work toward. I love having the Fresh start of a New Year. This New Year finds us at a new church that we LOVE, making wonderful new friends that we LOVE, and enjoying the stages of our young ones who are in school this year (I've homeschooled previously). I am doing more photography, trying to make more handmade gifts and buy more handmade gifts. I am inspired to, of course, become more like Jesus and get deep into the Word. I want to become bold in my faith and gentle in my demeanor. Okay - I could go on and on about what I resolve to do this year, but that would be too long a post! Heh. So, I will be trying to update more frequently as I am taking the 365 challenge (where you document your life everyday for a year in pictures and small bits of journaling. ) We'll see how long that lasts. =)

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