Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun Finds

So I found this fun new site that I have been playing with and if you love polaroids like me. . .you will love this! You actually have to wait on the film to develop! Hehehh. You can shake it with your mouse, or just wait for it. You can find the feature to download here! They even have a flickr group here.

I've been working on some things and am excited to upload, but I entered them into a contest so I can't upload them until the contest is over. Here is a card I made this week though. . .

I had fun sewing all over it. . .but note to self. . .remember next time to open the card before sewing on it - I sewed it shut! Heehee! I have a slight love affair with butterflies. As soon as warm weather hits - I use my butterfly punch on as many projects as I can! =)

These are the things that inspire me and make me happy this week. . .I just love finding new artists on etsy. Some of these have been in my faves for awhile. . .just waiting for some $$ to buy. =)

This is just gorgeous. Love the colors and vintage look to it. Sigh.


I love painted pottery and have a thing for mugs. Anyone who knows me knows I love to buy big coffee mugs that are fun and artsy. I've had my eye on their mugs for a long time.


His art is pricey but I love the colors and collage style. He has a free download now and then!


lastly. . .love her stamps. . .such fun designs!


Welp - that's it for today. I have a busy week ahead, so I need to clean my house the rest of the day and hit the grocery store. No rest for the weary!


Stephanie said...

Love all of the fun finds!

I do read Pioneer Woman..I actually made her Pasta a la Betty last night and it was KILLER :)

Diane B. said...

Thx for the polaroid link. I downloaded it and played with it. Fun!

jessica nole said...

i love the artwork you have posted. great finds and very inspiring!!!

too funny abt the card- but it came out really pretty! lol

Amy said...

I love that trailer stamp! And thanks for the poladroid link, so fun!!

amytangerine said...

thanks for all the crafty links and inspiration!

Miriam said...

what great finds, thank you for sharing and for popping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment :)


Patty said...

I just had to stop in and stay hi because we both have the same last name and upon further blog browsing, I love your work and that mug!

Diann Hunt said...

LOVE your blog!!!

Patty said...

Haha, alot of people call me Zimmer, or Cinnamon(the ones that have a problem saying it) and one friend calls me Zippermen. SO I have a few names:)

Yay, the Blythe dolls can become addicting, be carefull it all starts with a coveting of things here and there.

milkcan said...

So much inspiration! Love the polaroid!