Monday, March 16, 2009

Things that are making me happy today. . .

Okay so this weekend has been pretty crappy. . .I have an upper respiratory infection that has left me with a bleeding throat. YES you read that right! A bleeding throat. It began with a sinus infection and then spread to my ears and on Saturday, my throat felt like it was on fire. I haven't been able to eat solids since Saturday. So, I have been sending hubby out for shakes (my faves are Jamocha from Arby's and Steak-n-Shake's thick shakes with whip cream. . .mmmmm!). Tonight we changed it up a little - an m&m McFlurry. Completely UNhealthy, and I am so ready for solids, but my poor throat cannot handle it yet. So my silver lining? My sweet man picked up my antibiotics, he took the girls to school today so I could sleep in, I have a reason to stay in and rest (something I haven't been able to do lately!), and the following things have just made me smile today:

I won my first challenge!!! On The Creative Type blog my entry won and I'm so stoked! =) Of course there were so many fab entries and I felt honored to be among them. Amy Tangerine is one of my scrapbook crushes. I love her detailed stitching on her pages and all her colorful embellies. I won these rad buttons from this etsy site!

These are things in my craft room that cheer me up

This art is inspired by this etsy artist

I took the pics last spring in my flower bed. The red flower is an unusual flower that I have no idea where it came from, but just showed up in my garden this year! What a lovely surprise. The squirrels in our area are always replanting things and sometimes I'll find a crop of blackeyed susans where I didn't plant them. =)

My 'lil dude wearing the hat my mom just knitted. =)

Little Z making food sculptures. . .

My fave from today. . .

My mom is affectionately "Nanny" to the wee ones, and she wrote this message on our chalkboard border and Zoe wrote a message back. =)

What is making you smile today? =)


McMGrad89 said...

This post made me smile. I am sorry you are feeling so horribly sick, but you have been obviously blessed with such a sweet hubby.

I love those canvases & congratulations on the Creative Type

Annemarie (mommyvictory)

PS thanks for stopping by my St. Patrick's Day post.

Rachel said...

I love the "Happy" canvas! It is AMAZING!

dljack75 said...

I'm lovin' your blog. Your art is awesome! Makes me want to go get creative right now.

Hope you feel better!!!

-Danica : )

Diann Hunt said...

Your happy creative projects always make me smile. I'm so proud of you! Love, Mom