Saturday, September 5, 2009


Very quick post. . .it has truly been an exhausting two weeks! My husband and I own a side business and have had several deadlines we had to meet all fall at the same time. That coupled with school starting and meeting homework goals and fundraisers (already!!) and photography deadlines has kept me busy and online long enough to check my email. We also had a very interesting weekend. . .it went something like this. . .

On Sunday, dd had a "fallout" with younger dd (not entirely uncommon for younger dd to be involved!). Dd was pushed and something was in her foot. She cried a bit and went to the bathroom and pulled a tiny object out. She showed her foot to me and I could not see anything to save my life! Her foot looked completely normal. She woke up at 4am that night with pain and I don't remember much other than telling her she would be fine and to return to bed (bad mommy!). She awoke a second time around 5ish in the am and I dragged myself out of bed this time to take a look. I still could not see a thing. I told her maybe there was a piece of splinter in her foot and I could either dig it out myself right then, or she could go to the school nurse that day and she might have a better method of extracting invisible object. She chose option "b" - obviously, wouldn't you?? ;-) After school that day, she was limping to the car, so I asked what the nurse had to say. She said the nurse said there was nothing wrong with her foot and she was fine. There you have it! She was fine! Fast forward to Thur. evening. She was limping all week and dh and I assume she is just being "wimpy" so there are several conversations where we say, "You have to wear your shoe!" and "Come on, you are fine stop whining." Bad mommy and daddy. She has a playdate at a friends on Thur. and friend's mom is a nurse. When she drops her off she asked if I had seen dd's foot. I said I had seen it the night before and it was fine. She says I may want to take a look now. People - her foot was swollen and red up to her ankle! Yikes! I take her to a redimed and she has xrays. . .she has an ENTIRE SEWING NEEDLE EMBEDDED IN HER FOOT!!! That's right. Mom and dad have been making her walk for a week with a sewing needle in her foot. Wowz. Did I ever feel like toe jam. So, she had emergency surgery yesterday and they pumped her full of antibiotics. She is home and healing nicely now! In fact, here she is with her new friend given to her by one of the sweet nurses

So all of that chaos and my husband and I leave for our cruise today! I will post when we return. If you are still reading. . .you are troopers and I love you! =)


deana said...
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deana said...

Oh my gosh. That is so scary. But on your behalf, you're not a bad mom.... there was just nothing to see with the naked eye until the swelling began. And I'm sure she didn't realize she stepped on a sewing needle to be able to tell you that. So weird though. Like was it standing straight up when she stepped on it? How else could it have been totally embedded like that???

Enjoy your trip! :-)

Noel said...

YIKES!!! That same thing happened to my SIL when she was a kid. I'm glad she is doing better.

Hope you had a fun cruise-a-looza!

David said...

yes, yes... STILL reading!! that needle story made me cringe like crazy, but do NOT feel like a bad mom!! i flipped my daughter out of a wagon & broke her arm when she was 3... didn't believe her & made her go to her 1st dance class that night... oh, felt HORRIBLE!
can't wait to hear about the cruise- we did 1 in April- fun, fun, FUN!
(oops, i see i'm signed in with my husband's account... i'm NOT David... :)

amy lapi said...

aww what a sweet picture. that's a scary story!

Jocelyn said...

too scary! glad she is better. hey, i left an award for you on my blog:-)