Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all

It's absolutely my FAVORITE time of the year.  Maybe it's because my birthday is in October and I always looked forward to the celebrations, maybe it's because so many festivals pop up this time of year, maybe it's because of the yummy smells that waft through the air, or maybe it's because of the coziness from the hearty meals and warmth of being wrapped up in a thick sweatshirt.  I don't know but I just love it ALL!  I get the itch to be in the kitchen more after school starts.  I like to have big meals and fun snacks waiting for the kids and my husband when they get home.  I love to break out the chili in the 10 day meal rotation again.  ;-)  C'mon, don't tell me you don't all do that too!  Yesterday it was pulled pork in the crockpot and homemade salsa and tortilla chips.  Today it is penne pasta a'la Betsy via the pioneer woman!  Mmmmm. 
I also love to craft more this time of year.  I was recently invited to create with PSA stamps, and let me tell you. . .they are SO much fun!  They are super versatile and have such fun designs and colors.  The images are crisp and they are easy to use and the possibilities of things you can create are endless.  I can't share what I've done until it's revealed over on their blog (launching October 1st), but I'll give you a hint.  It's Halloween themed!  :)  Follow their blog to see an amazing amount of inspiration. . .the designers that they worked with are so talented (Amy Tangerine, Marie aka Bettiescrapbook, Michelle Underwood, Christina Padilla, My fellow Crazy Daisy dt girl Mara!) just to name a few!  I cannot wait to see all of the projects. 
The September Crazy Daisy kit is here!!!  It is FULL of super fun goodies.  You'd better act quickly if you want one though, last month's sold out! 

Here are some gnomes I picked up at a garage sale over the weekend.  I have no idea what I'll do with them, but they were too cute and colorful to pass up!  Any ideas? 

Aren't they adorable? :)
I also thought when I blog, it would be fun to add snippets of a day in my life.  Here's mine for today:

Heheh. . .srsly. . .this is what I see everyday.  Little dude wearing some kind of costume (he's really into a superhero phase right now).

Speaking of fall. . .I was inspired to create this and wanted to share! It's etsy fall goodness.
Also, please be sure to check out my friend's new website: Cookie Cutters. Aside from making cookies, this site is a great resource for cutting out shapes on cheese/lunchmeat, etc. for Bento lunches.
I'm off to do some serious catching up on my blog reads.  Should be a lovely and cozy afternoon!


Sara said...

I love that picture of your little ones. So darling! I love fall for the cooking too, and everything else that goes along with it. The smells, the coziness of a fire. You and I cook the same. LOL. I have made everything but the pasta in the last week. Kid friendly/Mom easy foods I guess. Glad you're back!

Jocelyn said...

I am totally with you on the Fall Love! I am so excited for everything fall related...can't wait to do pumpkins, hay mazes, bonfires, apple picking...and many more fun things. Those gnomes are so cute...not sure what you could do...but I am sure you will think of something super cute:-)

McMGrad89 said...

Cute kiddos. Happy fall...when it actually comes. Here in Texas we may never feel it until Thanksgiving. We shall see.

chinamommy said...

if there was no ragweed, i would love fall, but due to the fact fall is trying to kill me, i'm gonna have to hate it :( which is sad, cause fall fashion is the BEST!

deana said...

Congrats on the PSA gig.... can't wait to see what you created!

Your kids are just TOO adorable. Little dude is rockin' one CUTE hat! Actually they BOTH are!

I'm ready for fall... hopefully we have some fall-like weather SOON! :-)

Renee said...

Cute picture of your little ones.

I love fall, too. And start cooking different. The other day it was homemade chicken pot pie and my favorite skillet apple brownies.

I love the gnomes, maybe in a flower pot and around the between pots.

Marie aka bettiescrapbook said...

Really lovely photos! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and super cool we get to work on PSA dt together! :)