Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Crazy Daisy kits and updates

Hello!  We are full force into fall.  Even the weather has officially turned fall.  We are in the 50's/60's and sporting our sweatshirts.  Love it!  My photography event in Indy was so fun!  I met some amazing authors and made new friends.  I met and photographed Janette Oke!  One of the highlights was meeting an online friend, Courtney Walsh, that I met from my blog during the time of my mom's diagnosis.  She was a huge source of encouragement during that time and since.  We emailed back and forth and became instant friends.  Meeting her in real life was so fun and it felt like we've known each other for ever!  My only complaint is that our time was too short! 
I've had some emails asking about my mom, so I thought I would address that since you all have been wonderful about praying for us and sending me encouraging emails.  She is GREAT!!  In February, I tried to have hope the best I could, but the doctor I originally spoke with was so discouraging.  Mom ended up going to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Zion, IL where they treat their patients like royalty.  It made all of the difference in her treatment.  Not only do they have top notch doctors and cutting edge technology, but they treat their patients with respect and dignity and not just another patient.  They were such a comfort to all of the family members.  I am so thankful that she was able to have treatment there!  She also connected with a soul sister from her past (they were besties back when I was just a peanut).  Her friend was just what she needed and visits her every time she has gone back for treatment.  The CA125 is the marker that they look for in determining whether/not one has Ovarian cancer and it continues to go down!  We definitely are making the most of life these days. . .going out for coffees more, playing hookie from our house chores, taking picture ops more seriously (i.e. - not hiding from the camera!), and anticipating the upcoming holidays!  :-)  One of my favorite quotes, "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain."

Whew!  Okay. . .now onto more happiness. . .September Crazy Daisy Kits are out and here are some sneaks!

Also, want to leave you with etsy goodies callin' my name lately!
Lovely Sweet William 
Love her whimsical prints and the inspiring messages. 

Adore the slouchy hat and embellies. . .wish I had the confidence and head to sport it. . we'll see!

 Foster Kade Designs
Aren't those clutches so CUTE??

Hope you enjoyed virtual shopping with me. . .I'm going through withdraw!  My big dude is dragging me through a Dave Ramsey course with him!  ;-)


Sara said...

It was SOOO getting to be fall around here too, but we've had two of the hottest days this summer over the past couple of days. Good to hear your mom is doing better too. That place sounds awesome! Isn't it sad what healthcare has become? My sis had a premie, and was told to let him go. He was born at 27 weeks along, but first survived inside her for a couple months without water. They kept telling her he was too sick, he would never make it, etc.. today, he is a happy, adorable two year old, thanks to my sisters spirit. She loved it, she goes back to the NICU reunions and the dr's are all amazed by him. I really believe that if they had some more positivity, this would be the case more often. So, GO MAMMA! And, you too, for having such a positive outlook!

Jocelyn said...

I have been loving the fall weather here too!!! So much fun to be wearing jeans and sweatshirts:-) That is amazing about your mom. Yea for great healthcare. And your photo shoot sounds like you had a blast!!! Seriously Janette Oke, how cool is that???

deana said...

So HAPPY to hear positive news about your mom. Your sneaks look so CUTE!

chinamommy said...

Love that quote and glad to hear your mama is doing so much better!!!
I just about gag everyone mentions the cool weather, you knows i hates it!
get the hat dork, your melon is fine!!! Dave R. thinks so too!!!!
love your etsy finds!!

chinamommy said...

every time some one mentions... that's what that was suppose to say. you'd think i'd learn to proof read before I hit publish. I just get so excited by it saying "Publish" like I'm a real author or something... probably the "or something" :)

Courtney Walsh said...

Amber, you are so so sweet to mention me on your blog, but please know that the pleasure was ALL MINE. I was thinking about your comment on my blog from yesterday--how you said you'd feel cozy and we'd have coffee and all that cool stuff and I got so sad and missed you and wished you DID live closer and we COULD hang out and drink coffee.


I loved meeting you and your mom and I am so thankful she is doing well...and still praying for her. :)

Oh, and that clutch is adorable! :)

Libby at PSA Stamp Camp said...

Love that quote and love your Etsy style. Your blog's great to read. Thanks for sharing about your momma.

Christina Padilla said...

so happy it's fall in my part of CA too. Love the quote and your work! Very nice! thanks for the mention! I look forward to working with you on PSA! :)