Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 random things. . .photo heavy. . .and a video clip. . .

1.)  PSA Essentials is showcasing great ways to use your stamps for the upcoming Holiday season!  Be sure to visit and become a follower to see all of the creative uses for these fun stamps!  I can't wait to share mine with you. 
A sneak of my contribution :

2.) Crazy Daisy November kit is here and so warm and cozy!  Check out all of the fun vendors in this month's kit.  :-)

3.) A little late, but nonetheless. . .Halloween tour of my favorite decorations

Skellie from Michaels, Idea from Holly McCaig

Used Jenni Bowlin add on for those fun halloween pokey things.  Lol!
I love that owl (purchased from Marshals)!

3.) A few of my latest scrapbook pages (using the October Crazy Daisy kit):

The Mini book cover
You can view the rest here!

4.) The new Dance2 Wii game is SO stinkin' fun.  I am having a blast with it.  It was actually my birthday gift to myself.  :-)  I'm totally not embarrassed to admit it either.  Make fun of me, go ahead.  I'll be the one with the crazy pants moves on the dance floor!  Aw yeah!  It is a much more fun way to burn calories than running on the treadmill.  That is fo' sho'!

5.) Completely unrelated to the Dance 2 wii game. . .I injured my knee doing the Cupid Shuffle on Sunday night. I am going to the doctor on Friday. Wondering if I tore a tendon? I am hobbling around every where I go and icing my knee for most of the day.

6.) Already playing my Christmas Playlist while I be bop around the house cleaning the house after my little monster dude and while I finish various creative projects to be highlighted later. Christmas Playlist includes:
The Elf Soundtrack
Michael Buble - Let it Snow
Kenny G - The Greatest Holiday Ever
Chris Brown - This Christmas
Wham - Last Christmas
Mariah Carey Christmas album
Josh Groban - Believe
White Christmas soundtrack
Hot Chocolate - Polar Express soundtrack
Alvin and The Chipmunks - Christmas song
Carpenters - Christmas Waltz
Ella Fitzgerald - Sleigh Ride
Diana Krall - Christmas album
. . .to name a few

7.) Hittin' the busy season for my photography HARD! Lovin' it and all of the new people I get to meet through this adventure. Thinking of buying some new backdrops. . .Some faves are from here.

8.) Loving the new Matilda Jane Sugarland line!
9.) Ordered one of these this week. . .
I got the Fizzy pop, and really hope that I can pull it off and not look like a big dork!
10.) So so thankful my mom's recent CT results came out okay!  Praising the Lord everyday for another day. 

So, that's whats up with me. . .what's up with you??


Sara said...

The headband is darling! I know you'll rock it! I had to laugh, cause I have a very similar banner for Halloween - maybe a scrap book club kit or something? I don't remember. Yours is cute though! I love that you posted your Halloween pics in the middle of November. The boys and I were putting our dance moves to work out on the trampoline tonight, it was so fun, good to hear that you like that game, we don't have it yet. Thanks for the offer to help with my photoshop skills. I might take you up on that one day.

Yea mama! Good to hear that she's hanging in there!

Courtney Walsh said...

oooh, fun Halloween decor!! It's so funny, I don't really decorate for holidays--some for Cmas but that's about it, and truly, I don't really even celebrate Halloween,but I'm SO drawn to the decorations!! I think they are SO cute! :)

Headband is adorable. I'm off to look at your backdrops now!!

You're so awesome and YAY for your mom's results!!

Marie aka bettiescrapbook said...

Those are all great decorations for halloween! Love your towels. What a great idea! :)

Val said...

Everything is so lovely!!!!! Great blog.

Sara said...

PS.. I am in Ca.. but, in Nor Cal. About an hour outside of Lake Tahoe, and an hour outside of Sacramento. Right in the middle, so I get it all. I just realized I never answered your question. At six o clock in the morning.. LOL