Thursday, December 2, 2010

A little Christmas shopping!

Please take a moment to become a follower on our PSA blog!  You will find some wonderful ideas for Christmas cards and projects (they are doing Christmas card kick off with new card ideas every day).  I am seriously blown away by the creativity there!  I have not ever been a very good card maker, but have been so inspired by what I've seen and have started playing around a little!  There is also a big giveaway for the PSA stamps over here!  Good Luck!

Hello!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Ours started out great.  We were out the door headed to Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We have family there and it's about 2 1/2 hours away.  My husband is part owner/manager of some area businesses and had a "Thanksgiving" emergency.  We stopped to check it out on our way out of town.  What he thought would be a quick fix ended up taking over an hour.  When he finally returned to the car, we realized that we would be over an hour late to our Thanksgiving meal in Michigan.  We opted to stay in town and ended up eating at Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving, which was wonderful!  The fireplace was roaring and it was toasty warm and cozy. . .just the way I like it!  The ironic thing, is my brother and his wife were planning on staying the weekend with us after they returned from going out of town (they are from Michigan and were celebrating Thanksgiving in Ohio).  As they were leaving to go to Ohio, their car started smoking and they were stuck in town with us!  So guess who else showed up at Cracker Barrel?  :-)  Definitely memorable and fun!
We did some Black Friday shopping and began at the mall at midnight.  We then headed to Kohls around 3am and hit Target at 5.  Then to bed!  I got some of my list crossed off.

Okay, so do you ever go Christmas shopping and want to *gulp* by fun stuff for yourSELF?  Because I'm ashamed to admit. . .I do.  Wanna see what I got??  I finally caved and bought a snuggie, only it's not the original snuggie. . .it's even better!  It's this quilted fleecey plush hypoallerginic filled little piece of heaven wrapped around me whenever I am at home.  :-) The cool thing is it can unzip/snap to just a large regular throw.  Warning:  Your husband will ridicule you when you walk around the house in this.
So I also needed some hand/arm warmers since I have been doing lots of outdoor photo sessions and need to free up my fingers yet keep my hands and arms warm.  So these made my heart do a little flip flop.  I love the chunky knits and they are just plain fun and colorful!
Of course now that I had my arms/hands covered, I needed a warm coat!  Since I haven't bought a new coat since 2000 (for reals), I decided this was the year.  I had seen the fuzzy North Face coats and really liked them.  So I decided on a pink one of course.  Now I have been known to sacrifice comfort for looks before, but let me tell you - this is cute AND soooo warm!  I am very pleased with it.  Now I have my mom working on knitting a cute cap to match my arm warmers and coat.

So here are some things making my wish list for my kiddos/friends and things I think are just plain LOVELY!
These are so doggone cute!  Little Z modeled them for me when we were at Macy's the other day, and I think she'll be getting one for Christmas. . .maybe the monkey?  They're all so cute!
Next, are these fun calendars from Sara Ahearn.  They even come with a clipboard (which I think is genius) for displaying them. 
Totally pimpin' my friend here because she is so talented and has some really fun things in her Etsy right now. . .how cute is this?

Because of my love for banners and organization, I purchased one of these and cannot wait to get it in the mail!

I have been very crafty lately and will have to upload all of the projects I have been working on, but now I need to wrap this up and pick up my 2 lovelies from school!  Hope everyone is enjoying the start of the Christmas season!

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chinamommy said...

Oh, thank you!!! hee, hee- you are one of "those" people that I was making fun of (3am??!). i'm small, getting killed in a swarm of psycho shoppers is NOT for me! hahaha! Oh, I totally want to buy myself all kinds of goodies at Christmas-it's when the best stuff is out!