Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vacation Pics. . .finally!

Well, I was welcomed back to Indiana with a nasty cold.  So typical for me this time of year (last year we all had the swine flu and missed out on trick or treating).  Thankfully, it didn't get as bad as it usually does and I did not have to go to the doctor.  Still, I have so much editing to do on pictures and scrapbooking projects to catch up on.  My October Crazy Daisy kit was awaiting me upon returning from Florida and I have been waiting to tear into it and begin creating.  Unfortunately, I was laid up on the couch for most of last week.  Now I am back and gettin' to work!  First, I thought I would share a few photos from our vacation as promised. 
 They are a good mix of photos from the Universal Theme parks and from our condo where we spent a good deal of time poolside.  We celebrated both my birthday and my daughter's 9th birthday while there.  We love to go to Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, and what better reason to go than for a 9 year old's birthday?  The servers are fantastic and brought out a birthday treat for our daughter and when we asked for another dessert for our 10 year old (who wanted to pay with money she earned on the trip. . .oh yeah. . .we totally gave them incentive to do good deeds throughout the trip and show kindness to their sibs!), the server brought out another dessert on the house!  We had a great time shopping, eating, swimming, eating, park hopping and eating.  ;-)
I totally forgot to take out the numbers on the blog boards, which by the way, are from here!  You can see some awesome Halloween crafts on the PSA Stamp blog (which I know Halloween is already over, but some are still having parties this weekend. . .so some inspiration might still come in handy!). 
Here is one of my contributions. . .

Also, I wanted to share the new Silhouette project I did last month using my silhouette.  I HIGHLY recommend the Silhouette if you are any type of crafter.  They've added tattoo paper (I'll have a share on that this week too), magnet paper and already have vinyl that you can print on.  The types of projects you can create are endless and the blog is so inspiring.  Anyhow. . .I love how it turned out, and it goes perfectly with all of my Halloween decor!  More on that later.  :-)

I plan to use different pictures of the kids and cut out the silhouettes and place it on patterned paper and frame it like on here on Project Nursery.
 I also want to share my mantle and the print of my kiddo's feet that I LOVE! 

So thanks for letting me share all of these goodies with you!  I hope that makes up for my absence a little bit.  ;-)  BTW. . .another wonderful update on Katelyn (mentioned in the posts below) - she was released from the hospital in time to celebrate her 10th birthday!  Thank you so much for your prayers!  :-)



Sara said...

I love that feet pic. I have tried so many times to get one of the boys. I got them all cute converse shoes, and everything. Just haven't had the time. Looks like you guys had a great trip! I want to go to disneyland so bad, we are starting to think about it.

Jocelyn said...

LOVE love the feet pic of your kiddos!!! We were in the Wizard World today and I thought of you:-) My kids had a blast...thanks for sharing your pics!!!

mikeanddebbie said...

You're so creative! Love the feet pic!!

chinamommy said...

love the feet pic! would love to do that, but with only 2 feet (1 kiddo), it might not give the same effect!
ok, what is hanging on the kids /silhouette profile? earrings? CUTE!
Yippeee-we're headed to Disney at Christmas!!
Glad that little sweetie is now HOME!!

Libby at PSA Stamp Camp said...

Thanks for sharing pics of your vacation - you have an adorable family. Great projects too this post. Love the garland!

Courtney Walsh said...

The foot pic? LOVE. I am going to steal that (do you care?) I LOVE it! :) Vacation looks like a blast!! Glad you're feeling better now! :)