Friday, December 10, 2010

Good morning

This week. . .

Two hour delay for school because of snow (Cheer!!)
My oldest turned 11.  *Sniff*
Catching up on all of my photography orders and edits
Watching the Hallmark Channel continuously (I'm a sap for the Christmas movies).  ;-)
Drinking lots of Mint Hot cocoa with marshmallows and Peppermint white mochas.
Christmas shopping online (yay to avoiding crowds)
Gearing up for Christmas caroling at a local nursing home this weekend with the kiddos. 
More photo sessions this weekend
Trying to remember to move the *&%$ elf everynight. 
Thoroughly enjoying this talented photog's elf series!  Heheh!
Preparing myself for Chuck E. Cheese's tonight with the 11 year old and friend.  Oy!
Dreaming up my next projects for PSA!

Right now. . .
Don't pay attention to my tired-puffy-no-makeup face.  ;-)  See that painting near the top left of the photo?  That's something I've been playing with and will share when it's finished! 
Happy Friday friends!  :-)


mikeanddebbie said...

I think you have a very cute, "puffy, no make-up face"!!!

Jocelyn said...

We have snow headed our way tonight if the weatherman is right:-) Isn't it harder each year your kids get older? My oldest turned 11 this summer and I just can't believe he is that old already!!! Keep chugging that peppermint white yummy. And your last pic is cute:-)

deana said...

Only YOU could look that good with no makeup on...we should all be so lucky! Have a great weekend! :-)

Sara said...

LOVE peppermint ANYTHING during the holidays! And, you are so cute, makeup or not.

chinamommy said...

hee, hee- my friend with 5 kids (YIKES!!) has that elf too and is always forgetting to move it! This MIGHT be our last "Santa" Christmas since Darling is 7 so (thankfully) I missed out on the whole elf fiasco! :)

Diann Hunt said...

Your blog always makes me happy--and makes me want to drink a peppermint mocha. :-)

Courtney Walsh said...

Yum. Peppermint white mochas. Oh, I miss those!!

happy christmas, amber!! :)